Meet some of my Elevate friends  + some of them, kimiko(girl in blue) and bea (girl in black), are actually my d-group mates!

The interview

As we were hanging out and just telling each other stories, I started to conduct my interview regarding on how they see Elevate.

"Fun siya and lalo na since busy na tayo sa school, Elevate is the place na nakakarefresh and chill out lang, help others with their problems din, and worship God." says Kimiko when she answered my question of how was her Elevate experience so far.

On the other hand, there's also Bea who answered, "To meet and fellowship with people who share the same faith with me. I go there kasi I also want to have fun with a purpose."

and because I have some insights from people who were first timers during the event of Under the Mistletoe.
"Sobrang feeling loved and welcomed ako agad to the place kahit na i'm new lang tapos lahat ng tao they kept saying hi even if they don't know me na one person pa using ung iPad nag sulat from afar ng 'Hi Jen!'"

The Impact

PictureWhat will your Impact be? Photo courtesy: GHCC Children's Ministry
Looking back to my recent Elevate experience, I can say that this has opened my view towards the world even more in terms of reaching outside of our comfort zones.

An example for that would be the Under the Mistletoe night when we would welcome people even if we don't even know them. We show them how it's like a family in Elevate and would invite them to other Elevate sessions.

But more that stepping out of comfort zones, this project shed light to me of how one person reaching out can change lives.
By serving God and inviting others to come to our gatherings, we were able to save and lead people to come to know Christ. This doesn't only change lives but we show them that we're here for them when life gives them tough trials.

Because of these, I've realized that an impact to help others find hope in their lives can start with one gesture such as inviting them to events, or even just saying hi and making each other welcomed. Other than that, it gives me a view of how life can be more meaningful through reaching out to others than just living it all for myself.

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