Source: Life Community Church
In Ateneo Elevate, we have this weekly event called the Dig Deeper. In my experience, I've had learned a lot already even if it's just a session of an hour and a half. To me learning isn't just the academic learning of course because we can actually also learn about Jesus and what the future OF the future beholds aka, Eternal Life. Because us humans we're all sinners and are bound for hell. but because of Jesus, we can all be saved from this and have the Future of the future of our ETERNAL LIVES.

and what's a more purposeful way of living than serving and learning about our Savior? Now that's what we do in dig deeper. Plus, not only did I learn more about God, I was also surprised with how welcoming and friendly everyone is. There are even free food like brownies and cookies! It's definitely an experience that I would surely go back to.

Justine Mendoza
1/4/2014 11:15:23 pm

another great post, bel! it's nice to hear about your experiences and how in touch you are with your beliefs and God :)


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