That's me in orange! Photo courtesy: Anita Jordan

Another awesome experience that I've had in Elevate Ateneo is coming to it's another weekly event called meet, greet, eat every Friday just before Live. In this event, I'm so glad to have met many other Elevate-rs and we also got to bond over activities and food! We were also led by our leader, who is an American missionary, Anita. She led us girls to play get to know games like the one true one false game where in the others would guess which description about you is the truth. Other than Anita, there's her husband Randy, who led the boys' group.

This was truly a memorable and fun experience because of how we were able to mee new friends, bond with them, and then go Live together to worship God!

1/4/2014 07:05:58 pm

It is nice to see a group like a church, especially one thats related to students, coming out and helping others. Some organizations are dedicated 100% and although thats nice its really heart warming to see other organizations like churchs, who although already have good morals are not really relief organizations. But, they do step up to situations that they feel drawn too and thats really what empathy and compassion are about.

Justine Mendoza
1/4/2014 11:14:01 pm

glad to know how active your org is, bel! it's nice to hear that you have weekly meetings where you bond with your fellow org members and get to know more about them :)


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