Last Friday Night!

Photo courtesy: Elevate Ateneo
As I was saying on my last post, there was an event last Friday which was the Under The Mistletoe event featuring Robi and Gretchen. But that wasn't all! What makes this event even more memorable is because of how many of us get to bond, invite new people to know the God we worship, and also to see how God can also work in our love lives which was proven in Gretchen and Robi's testimony.
And just to share the experience, here's how the event went! It all started when we welcomed our guests and first timers, followed by musical performances from Us Two Plus You and Bowden & Fitzgerald of AMP (Ateneo Musican's Pool)!

Finally, Robi arrived and the talk was on its way!
They started telling their love story until it was time for the question and answer from the audience.

But what made this event extra special?

Other than seeing celebrities and hearing cheesy, funny love stories, I can say that something else made this event more memorable and I think that is because of another thing which is the presence of friends.
So now you may be thinking "huh? so what is elevate really?"

Well, the thing is, Elevate is about relationships. Relationship with God, with friends, family, and others. Here in Elevate, we focus on God for He is the center of our lives. But don't get me wrong, when I say that He's the center of our lives, I don't mean that Jesus is our religion. Like I said, it's not a religion, it's a relationship.

In Elevate, we help each other grow in the Lord, keep the faith, and help each other in times of need. But more than that, we are a family. We may not all be totally close with each there other, but still, everybody's a family for we are all children of God. And that's what makes us all bros and sis.

Elevate's a place where we can all admit our imperfections because our main goal here is to help each other grow in the Lord. Although God is the only one capable of forgiving and saving, our capabilities don't just stop there. We can always help each other. and that my friend is what we do in Elevate. We invite people to join us and experience God for one may not be able to truly understand who Jesus is until one experiences Him himself/herself. Other than that, we have D-groups which can also be called accountability groups where in we can all be ourselves, say what our wrongs are, and nobody's going to judge us.

'Cause in the end, we're all imperfect people and Jesus is our only hope. So let's continue helping one another shall we?
Justine Mendoza
12/21/2013 11:51:09 am

great update, bel! you can truly tell from your posts how passionate you are about your organization :) elevate sounds like a wonderful organization that everyone can be a part of :) like a big happy family! it's nice to hear about the genuine relationships you have formed in your organization and how you can be yourself in it :)

Pope Flores
12/22/2013 11:34:49 pm

wish i was there!!


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