After an Elevate live session! Left to right: Kimiko, Tricia, and Me! :D

More than a student

So other than being Atenean students, for me, we also have this other personality where in we fit into our own orgs. Orgs, to me, are very fun extra curricular activities or groups where in we can be more of ourselves and show off our skills. For example is AMP where people can show off their musical skills while Celadon, an org that I'm also passionate about, is a Filipino-Chinese org where everyone can learn more about the Filipino-Chinese culture.

But other than those cool orgs, I want to share about another awesome org that I really love. it's called Elevate!

Elevate involvement

PictureThe crowd enjoying and worshiping God! Photo courtesy: Elevate Katipunan FB page
First of all, as funny as it may seem so sound, I am an Elevate-er! Being a Christian, I've always dreamed of serving God one day and to be someone to help others. But because of our high school Saturday classes, I couldn't seem to find the time for it. But now that I'm here in Ateneo and thanks to Elevate, I now have the chance to use my skills to serve God. For example is when I got to opportunity to play in the worship band last Friday at Live, our weekly gathering during Fridays. Another is for the upcoming event tomorrow called, The Big Umbrella: Under the Mistletoe. I had the opportunity to design the brochure that's gonna be given out in the event, and I also got the opportunity to help promote the event by taking promos pictures of people. Finally, I get to help during the event as a photographer. BTW if you guys have time, just drop by! It's going to be fun! There will be free food and etc! FUN FUN FUN!

Under the Mistletoe happening tomorrow featuring Gretchen Ho and Robi Domingo! Photo courtesy: Elevate Ateneo
12/17/2013 11:22:30 pm

Wow Bel! You are amazing both in man's eyes and God's eyes! You really are a blessing from above! Continue to be a wonderful person and friend and bless those around you! BEL FOR PRESIDENT!

12/17/2013 11:25:18 pm

Hi xobe! :D haha. Thanks for being a constant inspiration and for being an awesome friend. I hope we can spend more time than we are now. haha! #clingy God Bless xobe :)

Justine Mendoza
12/20/2013 01:19:35 pm

i love how the organization you chose is based in Ateneo because it's something that all Ateneans can relate to and be a part of! also love how you added a picture of yourself because it makes your article so much more authentic and really establishes why you're a proud member of the organization :) good job, bel!


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