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Whenever I would see a street child, I would wonder what his or her situation is. Who knows, he or she could be in a scheme to get more money, be in a group that steals, be in a group of rugby sniffers, the list of possibilities goes on and people just ignore them, they don't even reach out. However, what people don’t know is that every time they ignore a street child, they ignore a chance to save that child’s future, for each child has potential, and the streets of the Philippines aren’t exactly the right environment for them to grow, the street children need a suitable environment where they can learn, and be healed. There are many charities and organizations that provide that specific environment, and one organization took my interest, that organization is the Bacolod Boys’ Home. The Bacolod Boys’ Home is basically an organization houses orphaned and abused boys that are aged 9-21 years. 
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The organization works to provide the necessities that the boys desperately need, mainly education and housing. Now there are two reasons why the Bacolod Boys’ Home caught my attention, the first reason is that it is based in my own province, Negros Occidental, so I felt proud that my province has an organization like the Boys’ Home. The second reason is that the Bacolod Boys’ Home has produced amazing results, for they have produced graduates that are now supervisors or technicians in various companies, proving that there is indeed a second chance.
12/17/2013 03:43:44 pm

Nice one Despi! :D

Justine Mendoza
12/20/2013 01:14:02 pm

very inspiring, despi! i really like how the organization you chose is something that's very near and dear to your heart as it's based in your hometown :)

Pope Flores
12/22/2013 11:38:34 pm

very true. one of those children may be the country's saving grace in the future. one never knows

1/4/2014 06:59:30 pm

It is nice to see that there is an organization dedicated to helping out a specific group. Its not always possible to help everyone and specializing improves quality and consistency.


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