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That was the first thought that came to mind when I first entered Manila Boystown two years ago. I remember being confused when my mom told me that we were spending her birthday in the institution. I had no idea what it was and when I asked her, all she said was, "It's an shelter for young boys who are homeless." As it was my first time, I didn’t find it that significant going to an orphanage on my mom’s birthday and donating food and books.

However, when we pulled up into the driveway of the shelter, I was astounded by the genuine hope and happiness that each boy exuded as they greeted us with warm hugs. It didn’t matter to them whether or not we had gifts to give them, they welcomed our company with open arms. Coming from a privileged background, it was heartwarming to witness how such a simple thing like Jollibee Chicken Joy can bring authentic delight to these children.

Manila Boystown serves as a sanctuary and a symbol of hope for those who are trying to rise above their shortcomings in life. Whenever I picture hope, I picture the smiles on the boys' faces with no trace of the real life difficulties that they are facing.

Because of the impact of that one visit, visiting Boystown once more has always been something that I longed to do again. I only hope that I will have even the slightest bit of impact on the boys as they had on me, when I visit them again in the near future.
12/17/2013 03:48:06 pm

Inspiring!! :D

Pope Flores
12/22/2013 11:35:55 pm

the smiles and the joy that can be seen by children is contagious. i like it!!


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