Me standing in front of Foundling Home, a home for young boys in Boystown.
Christmas decorations everywhere in Boystown.

I was nervous with anticipation when I stepped out of the car on the morning of December 26. It was Boxing Day. I knew that the citizens of Boystown would either be bursting with excitement or battling melancholy due to the festivities that came with Christmas day. I hoped that for those who were on the lonely side because of their lack of family would make me their sister or even just a friend for the day.

Today, I visited a section of Boystown called the Foundling Home. It is a home for young orphan boys. I brought my friend Reggie along with me to experience Boystown because she’s never been before and I wanted her to feel the satisfaction that I felt when I first visited several years ago.

The first thing I noticed was that Boystown was decorated with Christmas decorations; from the trees, to the doors, to the windows. Parols, ornaments and bells everywhere. It made me happy to see that Christmas spirit was very much present in the institution. The sight gave me the same sense of hope that I felt the first time I visited because I knew how difficult it was to uphold the Christmas spirit especially when majority of the people in Boystown have suffered tremendously in their lives and do not have a lot of family to account for.

 The uplifting sight of Christmas alone washed my worries away and I had a spring in my step as I walked along the institution to meet the staff members and boys of Boystown.

It felt like coming home.

To be continued...

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