Food for others is an incredible and unique organization. It has been operating in Northern Virginia for more than thirty years and has undergone its fair share of challenges. The greatest surprise that came up was that technology is the organizations greatest enemy at this time. Food for others receives a sizable portion of their donations from grocery stores. Now however, the organization is no longer meeting their donation goals because of a growing efficiency in the ways grocery stores operate. Computers now run most of the processes and as a result there is little to no surplus. Food for others has had to turn to other sources of donations as a result. What is really inspirational is that the community stepped up and not only managed to fill the gap the grocery chains had left but managed to raise the amount of food donated. It is gratifying to see individuals and groups coming together in a time of crisis and keeping a beacon of hope shining.

Justine Mendoza
01/05/2014 7:22am

it's nice to hear about the generous donations that every day people have contributed to food for others! it makes me happy to hear that people are rising above the challenges that were presented to the org and instead are contributing to it personally by donating their own food :)


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