Hope is not something that can exist without effort, there always needs to be someone tending it, making sure it never flickers out. Just like a fire, people are drawn to it for the warm and security it offers. A group will work together to make sure the fire is stocked and various tasks are assigned. Just like the bonfire, food for others is this place of comfort and a light at the end of the tunnel. For this very reason, it is crucial that places with similar purposes as food for others need to be protected and maintained. When the organization almost collapsed in the 90's the Fairfax government stepped in and kept it alive because they realized that people need hope and a possibility of a future. Almost a thousand volunteers show up a month to help the organization stay on its feet. It is truly inspiring and heartwarming to see this outpouring of human compassion and empathy. The directors thank you letter covered door was the climax of the entire experience, showing that there is no greater pleasure in life than securing a future for others. 

Justine Mendoza
01/05/2014 7:25am

what a positive conclusion to your posts, michael! it's nice to hear that when the organization was close to collapsing, people stepped in to ensure that the organization stays running :) food for others really sounds like an inspiring organization!

01/05/2014 11:56pm

very true mike! i love how the fire is used as an example in your post of how it can draw people in for comfort. also, it's really great to see how people stepped up to save the org because other than the fact that they can provide one of the basic needs of life, this org also inspires hope for others :bd


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