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Imagine thinking you are alone in your suffering and need for food. Try to put yourself in a scenario of owning a house but having no food, reaching into the fridge one morning and there is nothing inside. You face a variety of challenges. Not only the actual hunger but also the social embarrassment of your neighbors knowing you are without food. Luckily for the people of Northern Virginia, there is an organization that offers hope for these people. Food for Others is an organization that has broken the stereotype that only the homeless can get food aid. Food for Other serves people who own homes and don't have food as well in addition to the homeless. They mainly received surplus food from local supermarket chains, which they then unpack-age, store, and repack into boxes (similar to what we did at Ateneo during the typhoon Yolanda relief) They then ship it to their local handout centers. Food for Others really is a beacon of hope to those who thought they were undeserving of help and compassion.

Justine Mendoza
12/20/2013 9:26pm

very inspiring, michael! i like how you chose an organization that addresses a human necessity such as food :) i also like how the organization supports not only homeless people but in people general who need food to survive :)

12/21/2013 8:59am

I like how you really described things because it gives us a glimpse of really feeling that hunger


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