To the average everyday student from an average family some things can be missed. The suffering of others has a different less life threatening meaning than for other less fortunate people. For people of middle class background the worst that can happen is some specific wish cannot be fulfilled, although that is not ideal, it is not life threatening. This all changed when the recession hit the United States. Suddenly, average people were cutting out all sorts of desires just to make ends meet. Out of nowhere the cheapest possible foods were bought, homes were sold, cheaper apartments were acquired, children were even put into public schools. Finally, some even had lost all sense of hope, but luckily, there was an organization that could help them.

Pope Flores
12/23/2013 7:37am

i like how this gives insight to a different context
looking forward to the next post. i like the cliffhanger!

Justine Mendoza
12/23/2013 7:07pm

great insight! interesting to hear how even average people are suffering from the recession in the united states. it's amazing how this organization brings hope to them :)


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