Let's face it. This world isn't the perfect place all mankind wants it to be. This world is full of problems and challenges that not one man can solve it alone. In a world full of poverty, pollution, hate and injustice, how could one solve all of that? The only hope to scratch the surface of eradicating all these problems are working together hand-in-hand for the goal of creating a better place. 

That's just what this organization is doing.

The Rotary Club International is a non-profit organization that brings together professionals all over the world, to work and serve the community prior to themselves, hence their motto "Service Above Self."  The mission of Rotary is to promote friendship between its members and utilizing them to serve and create solutions to social problems.

The main goal of Rotary is to come up with solutions to social problems with the help of professionals all over the world. But what's interesting about Rotary is that it establishes and builds friendships in the community to do it. This organization started in Chicago in February 23, 1905 as a place where a diversity of professionals band together to share ideas and basically make friends. Fast forward to the future, this meeting of professionals now became an international organization that has made its mark in history by being present during World War II and the fight against Polio which started in the Philippines. Presently, there are literally Rotary Clubs all over the world and are continuing the commitment to serve others.

Seeing my dad and mom be a part of this organization has opened up my eyes to the impact of one district can do. Projects like medical missions, feeding programs and gift giving during the Holidays may seem mundane but imagine thousands of clubs doing this all over the world. The small impact of  simple projects can mean the collective blow against the war on social problems.

Amazing what you can do with a group of friends.



Justine Mendoza
12/20/2013 9:16pm

great start to your article, pope! i love how rich the history of the rotary club is and how it's an organization based all over the world :) also great to hear that your parents are a part of it! :)


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