Organizations like the Rotary International are the spearheads against the growing issues of the world today. They, like other non-profit orgs, move to stop the social issues facing communities around the world; first to third world countries. Orgs like these organize, manage and uphold the projects they started and show no signs of stopping.

But that's just the catalyst of what's bigger.

If you think about it, they start it, they continue it but to what cause? What do these projects and efforts go to when the community itself doesn't do anything to uplift themselves from their predicament. 

Say for example a Club organizes a feeding program as well as a job fair for a not-so-well-off community. This said community doesn't have any source of income what so ever and is given the chance to have one. They don't take the opportunity and just go with the feeding program. What good did that do? Will they just wait in hunger for another feeding program?

The bottomline is that in order to achieve the goals and to eradicate said social issues like poverty, environment destruction, illiteracy and a lot more, the community and the population affected and not affected as well have to make a stand and do their part to solve the problem. 

These organizations like the Rotary Club International may open the chance to do something about these issues, but it is the people themselves that have to finish the job.

That glimmer of hope can only go so far. But in time, that glimmer may die off and just leave the world in complete darkness. People need to grab that opportunity and just go for it; end their predicament.

Hope is just the beginning. Sheer effort  and dedication to solve the problem is what ends it.


01/05/2014 3:02am

Thank you Pope. These posts were a pleasure to read and it was nice to see the journey you went through. The organizations message and goal are powerful indeed. It is nice to see to that they empower the normally helpless people who simply cannot be on site.

Justine Mendoza
01/05/2014 6:23am

very inspiring, pope! i agree with you :) in order to end the many social problems we face today we actually need to do something about them and with that comes hard work and dedication :)

01/05/2014 11:51pm

I agree with making a stand for these social issues pope! because if we don't the tendency is that the effect we are trying to create wont create a ripple anymore that can continue on and on to reach out to others! :D


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