In a time of national crisis, I often wonder where to place myself within this great jigsaw puzzle; whether to stay stagnant because of the thought that I wouldn't make a difference or do something, anything that has the slightest chance to offer some help.
The recent disaster of Haiyan shook everyone; even the world. This event has proven to be one of the most devastating natural disasters that ever hit the Philippines. Everything that the survivors ever had had been literally swept away by the super typhoon, from their homes, schools, clothes and bed including their hopes. Although there are numerous relief efforts organized and still on going to aid and support the people  of Visayas, the spirits of the people  affected is priority number one. Material assistance can only go a long way for the survivors.

The drive to move on is what must be reestablished. That drive is hope. That, I can do.

I am limited to about everything in my life, mostly by my parents (teenagers will get this). I can't do things that will really make a difference and I can't go to Visayas to help personally. Heck, I can't even go to a friend's house without  being reprimanded much more than going to another region. But what I can do is connect. The world is literally connected 24/7 by technology and this can be a vessel to inspire hope.

Letting people know that people care is already inspiration enough to stand and get going. Informing the survivors and other people locally and internationally that there are organizations like the Rotary Clubs of the Philippines are out here to help means that there is still hope. If people who weren't affected by the typhoon are moving, what reason do the survivors have just to stare in space? Bluntly, that would just be embarrassing in epic proportions; waiting for others to help but not willing to help themselves.

Hope is a very powerful motivation to keep going and it is commutative. One man can rise up and spark hope to a hundred.

Physically, I might not be there but I can still make a difference by sending a message: that there IS hope and that hope doesn't die. Especially with the Filipino people. Hey, that's just who we are.



12/21/2013 8:53am

a very honest post pope:) I love how you're honest in your thoughts regarding this matter because not only do you let people into your thoughts but also because now we get this feeling inside us that we're not the only one feeling quite limited in helping others. And because of your post, I got the thought of how you're right. we can still help in many other ways :D

Justine Mendoza
12/21/2013 7:47pm

i agree, pope :) sometimes it feels like one person can't make a significant difference during times of need but that doesn't mean we should just sit back and watch everything unfold without a say. our generation has the power of technology and we should definitely use it to our advantage :) great insight!


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