PictureMembers of Rotary Club with the Kids
"Service above self"

This is the infamous motto of the Rotary Club International. Pretty straight forward and anyone can tell what it means; putting others before themselves.

The goal of Rotary International is to remedy the social issues of the world whether it be local or an international issue. Putting the well being of the community first before its own concerns.

That's why Rotary Clubs like the one in Marikina organize these types of projects; to ensure that something is being done to achieve the goal of the International body. Whether it may be as simple as giving gifts or extending efforts to cure the Polio endemic in the country (which Rotary did in 1979).

Talking to my dad, a member and past president of the Rotary Club of Marikina, local Rotary Clubs has a theme each year concerning issues of the local community. This year, their theme concerns the environment and education. Now each of these clubs, not only in Marikina, has a budget to utilize in order to organize projects to aid the cause of the theme. Examples are medical missions, funding other projects, scholarship programs and the like.

But these projects wouldn't be possible without individuals willing and motivated to act and put themselves after the community. That is why individuals who are believed to have the skills and dedication to make a difference are invited to join. No one can volunteer.

It's these individuals who have the capacity to make things happen in the fight against the issues at hand; competent and dedicated individuals.



Justine Mendoza
01/05/2014 6:42am

the motto alone of the rotary club already says a lot about the organization and their goals :) also interesting to hear how members are invited to join instead of just volunteering! it really establishes how serious the club is for they choose members based on their dedication to helping others and providing a service :)


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