There's a difference between giving with something in return and giving just out of good will. The later is wayyyy better.

The feeling is still fresh after our block's exposure trip. After that grueling, fun morning of smiles and running around, I was drained. But that didn't stop me from witnessing another round of holiday magic; the magic of giving. 

During the Christmas season, as the birth of our Christ is nearing, there is a calling to be kind and generous to everyone and do our part to live in the way of Christ. It is in this way that we are preparing ourselves to  welcome Jesus yet again in our hearts.

One way to prepare is to share blessings, share kindness and practice generosity through charity.

On the afternoon of December 14, 2013, the Rotary Club of Marikina District 3800 launched its gift giving activity. It is an annual project of the club that, in the spirit of the Christmas season, the club does its part to give joy and live up to the holiday spirit.

The project doesn't only give gifts. It's just one of the programs prepared by the club. The project is basically a birthday party for kids. First there was, ofcourse the food to give to the kids to fuel their little, hyper bodies for the games on deck and after some of the kids are done, the games start. 

Me and my dad got there in the middle of it all just before they gave out the gifts. Before all of them went their to their respective homes, there are gifts prepared by the club to be given away. These gifts consists of mostly toys, well because they're kids. Accompanied by their guardians, they lined up ever so excitedly and waited their turn. One by one they got their gifts and you know that they're happy.

Like our exposure trip in the morning, the sight was familiar. Kids, games and smiles. Smiles all around. And that's what I realized, this is all about.


Justine Mendoza
01/05/2014 7:10am

it's nice to hear that the rotary club upholds the christmas spirit and traditions by having gift exchanges :) also great to hear that you were there to witness the kids' excitement over their gifts!


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