The smiles and laughter of children may be the most wonderful thing  in the world.

No one can witness a joyful child and not be happy at the sight. It's just pure innocent at work. When you get a taste of it, you keep wanting more especially when you're the cause of such joy.

Our exposure trip as a block (Block C2) is what led me to see more of those precious smiles. We were assigned a kid or two and we as individuals had to take care of them and play with them for a certain period of time.

It was chaos. Children running all over the place and us chasing after them. If you don't have good cardio, you're in trouble. Once you caught them, they would just run off again in sheer joy with laughter trailing them...little devils. They would ask you to carry them at the same time and ask to go round and round with you and then make you chase them some more.

It was the happiest time in college so far.

You can just feel the joy, happiness and laughter all over the place and yes, saying joy wasn't enough. Despite the sweat, exhaustion and dirt on my shirt, I was happy. Not the sort of happy that's temporary but the sort of happy that sticks with you and the sort of happy that you don't need people to approve of. Just knowing that I were there, I did it, and I lived it is enough for me to smile when I remenisce. 

That's why in the season of giving and joy, I looked for that sensation yet again and I succeeded. 



Justine Mendoza
01/05/2014 7:11am

it was great to hear about your exposure trip, pope! glad to know that despite the kids wearing you out, you enjoyed and had a great time! based on your descriptions, the kids were ecstatic to have your company :)


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