Imagine leaving your house which is full of food and is clean and warm. You drive over to the food for others warehouse and upon entering the office, are at the end of a line of people just like you but who are without food. At the front of the line, are people just like you too, except they are volunteering their free time and energy to helping others. Although you were prepared for this kind of scene, it still knocks you off your feet. Everyone is smiling, the building is warm, and the smell of freshly baked bread fills the air. When you reach the front of the line, it is your turn to state your business and go the according location. You enter Jessica Cogen's office, director of development and outreach. The first thing you notice is the thank you cards covering her door. You cannot help but like her warm frank attitude as she welcomes you. After a while you enquire about the cards and to your surprise, she says that some of these people she barely knew but reading the cards it seems like its a real friendship. You think over it in awe, realizing you really are in the center of something real and bright.

Justine Mendoza
01/05/2014 7:19am

your organization sounds very welcoming! and the director seems like a very inspiring and giving person that a lot of people look up to based on the cards :)


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